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A TCM .22 rifle supposedly is soon to follow, at $21 for a box of 50, it doesn't seem too terribly high priced ammo wise, and reloading dies are already on the market, could be an intersting little round out of a rifle, with heavier projectiles than the 40gr, should be able to get some pretty good performance, with a reasonable reloading cost ... The 9mm barrel/spring is included in the estimated $720 range. According to the recent article in the "American Handgunner", .22 TCM Micro-Mag ammo is $20 box of 50, $350 per case of 1,000. Custom reloading is available for $12.50 a box (customer brass).

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Also ordering a 22TCM conversion kit for the 1911 so I can build a companion pistol for it. Neat little round based upon the 223 case. Should be less painful to reload than the 5.7x28.Hi All, Anyone reload 22 TCM. Was looking into doing so myself but was unsure if there are any benefits to do so. Cost of hornady 3 die set is over $90 and... However, I have the rifle and reloading really wakes it up. I'm using 35gr VMax bullets at 2900 fps. After my rifle got a trigger job and free...I recently bought a Rock Island 22TCM bolt action rifle and have started reloading for it I've searched the web for anyone who has rifle load data but can't find anything for rifle only a few pistol load recipes, so I started my own loads and have found that 10.6gns of little gun under the factory 40gn HP bullets used by armscor and a SP primer and 5 thousands longer than factory ammo and a ...

Nov 08, 2017 · Greetings - I was doing web research on reloading the .22 TCM cartridge and ended up back at 1911FORUM.COM for the first time in over two years! This particular thread has set a new personal record for me as the longest one I have ever gone through, reading every single page. This thread is loaded with some great information. The 22 TCM is an interesting little cartridge. It's still relatively new on the market and was lacking structured terminal performance test data. Been carrying it for awhile now,I can reload it at about .08 cents a round,In a pinch A forum community dedicated to defensive firearm owners and enthusiasts.