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On a PC the display, this can be done by loading the calibration curves into the Video Card temporarily using "dispwin calibration.cal", or installing the ICC profile into the system persistently using something like "dispwin -I profile.icm",

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File"Displaycal\profile_loader\pyc:,line1984,in_checkdisplay_conf_wrapper File"Displaycal\profile_loader\pyc:,line2015,in_checkdisplay_conf File"Displaycal\profile_loader\pyc:,line1944,in_checkdisplay_changed WindowsError:[Error2] 在网上找了好久也没找到解决办法,请问楼主应该怎么解决?I use a system wide icm file made by displaycal and vcgt is used and applied by displaycal´s profile loader. Madvr does it correctly and uses my 3DLUT, resets vcgt during playback, resets vcgt after closing. When using a 3DLUT within Kodi I have to manually reset the vcgt (or use displaycal´s profile switcher and create an exception).

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Open up Windows task scheduler and disable the "DisplayCAL profile loader launcher" task. Note that this will effectively prevent any calibration from being loaded unless you use other means to do so (e.g. enable Windows own but low precision "Let Windows handle display calibration" in color management settings). 2017-01-29 at 7:11 #5712premiere(and mercury transmit/dynamic link) is rec. 709 0-255 gamma 2.2. vlc "usually" matches premiere if you have 0-255 set in nvidia control panel. quicktime player is gamma 1.8 so doesn't match premiere natively. mpc-hc, madvr supports color management.

File”Displaycal\profile_loader\pyc:,line1984,in_checkdisplay_conf_wrapper File”Displaycal\profile_loader\pyc:,line2015,in_checkdisplay_conf File”Displaycal\profile_loader\pyc:,line1944,in_checkdisplay_changed WindowsError:[Error2] 在网上找了好久也没找到解决办法,请问楼主应该怎么解决? Currently, the only OS that applies calibration curves out-of-the-box is Mac OS X (under Windows 7 or later you can enable it, but it's off by default and doesn't offer the same high precision as the DisplayCAL profile loader)—for other OS's, DisplayCAL takes care of creating an appropriate loader. Amazon.in: Buy Xrite CMUNDIS ColorMunki Display online at low price in India on Amazon.in. Check out Xrite CMUNDIS ColorMunki Display reviews, ratings, features, specifications and browse more X-Rite products online at best prices on Amazon.in.