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The four remaining 2×4 planks will make the DIY prviacy screen’s legs. Cut a foot from each length so that they’re only 7-feet tall. (You can get this done at a big box hardware store at the ...

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diy awning. easy to install good coverage. will be getting a few more for my house for summer. DIY Window Door Awning Cover 100 x 300cm - Transparent. 5 stars. Make sure you're able to enjoy your outdoor space in complete comfort with our comprehensive range of gazebos, marquees and awnings. Lots of our designs are a superb choice when it comes to outdoor entertaining and garden get-togethers including small garden gazebos.

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Awnings are expensive and can break easily. Installing a tarp awning on a 6 by 10 Harbor Freight trailer camper. One thing I noticed was that rain water might leak between the trailer and the awning.

This can be an easy DIY project to accomplish and should only require a basic understanding of how First decide where the awning should be on your house. This is important in determining the size of...The awning material is a 6'x9' canvas drop cloth. This is the cheapest canvas drop cloth I could find. The 6' width fits the 5' window and window frame nicely. Maybe I was lucky here -- you need to measure your own window frame to be sure there are flat places to mount the awning.