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hikvision ezviz hacked... By teknologs, August 22, 2014 in IP/Megapixel Cameras and Software Solutions. i have the chinese version Ezviz (hikvision) C2/ when i dial my password (admin/12345), it doesn't match. can you please tell me the login and password info?

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Aug 15, 2012 · The default User Name and password are both admin. TRENDnet recommends changing the default Administrator and User passwords. To change the default passwords log in to the TEW-712BR by entering into the address line of your browser. Click Main and then Password Enter new password, confirm them and then click Apply.

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Oct 26, 2015 · Depending on the printer you use, an administrator password may be assigned at the time of purchase. The password is either canon or the printer serial number (if it is specified). If canon is the password. The user name assigned to the models listed below will be ADMIN. MG7500 series. MG6600 series. MG5600 series. MX490 series. MB5300 series ... 1) Keep the camera power on; 2) Press and hold the reset button (it is on the end of the reset line) for 15 seconds, then release. 3) After reset, it will restore to the default setting, the user is admin, password is admin For part of the latest models with UID number cameras: Please give a mandatory reset to the camera

• Enter the mobile port number in to PORT: 7050 (this is the DVR default) • Enter a user name and password • Default user name: Admin (case sensitive) • Default password: 888888 • Press back and you DVR settings will be saved • Press > button to connect to the DVR Camera Add Camera Camera Online AAAA-985917-NNNSC Camera Edit O About a Video < Back Name User Name Password 10:20 Add Camera Camera admin AAAA-985917-NNNSC Done password "admin" About Search camera from LAN Wireless Installation Scan QR Code a Camera Video < Back Device on LAN: 10:20 Camera List Refresh About Video AAAA-985917-NNNSC 192.1682108