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May 18, 2019 · Hi I’m having problems configuring authentication with keykloack I’ve made setup that works with okta but when I switch to keycloak it fails I’ve compared logs and in the case of succsefull authentication with okta there are some extra steps that happen after Authorization code flow finishes and redirects to original uri from the keycloak log it looks like the acces handler of oidc ...

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NGINX config for SSL with Let's Encrypt certs ... Get Keycloak access token via curl and pretty print it with python View curl \-d ... This happens with the jboss/keycloak:7.0.1 and does not happen with jboss/keycloak:7.0.0. Version 7.0.0 works fine. Why can this happen and how to fix it? This probably is too broad a question, but I am not a Java guy (I mostly do Python), so this is as narrow as I can do. Source: StackOverflow

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07/20 Contract Distribution snapshot, of stocks with more than $1B in outstanding contracts Row Labels CALL PUT Grand Total AAPL 8B 1B 9B AMZN 12B 1B 12B FB 1B 0B […] UPDATE Today was released Nginx Plus with a new nginx-openid-connect module. If you are looking for Authentication Server or OAuth library then OpenID Conect implementations page is a good place to start. I chose Keycloak but also want to look on FreeIPA or Keycloak Security Proxy but I want proxy as Nginx module and The authority differs across national clouds - e.g. for the Azure AD Germany instance. If you do not use the public cloud, please review the national cloud endpoints to find the appropriate one for you.